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Liberal Insanity: White Horse Mascot Now A Form Of Racism

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A student group at the University of Southern California has determined that their mascot, a white Trojan horse, is a symbol of racism that needs to go.

There’s no question that the era of Barack Obama has “fundamentally transformed” the United States into a place where most of its citizens could never have imagined it would be.

In just eight short years, the nation has come to a point:

  • Where those who cannot afford to pay for health insurance, but make too much to qualify for subsidies, are facing a heavy annual tax to further ensure that they cannot afford health insurance.
  • Where the exchange of 5 high-ranking Taliban leaders for one American soldier suspected of desertion seems like a good trade.
  • Where the disarming of America’s nuclear arsenal seems logical to some at the same time that America is working towards putting the State-sponsorer of terrorism, Iran, on a pathway to obtaining nuclear weapons.
  • Where the police officers, who put their lives on the line each day to protect their communities, are the villains and hulking, violent punks who manhandle and steal from store clerks that are half their size are saints.
  • Where enforcing the nation’s borders and deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes while living in America is suddenly racist.
  • Where the Main Stream Media has lost all credibility, and several major “news” networks might as well describe themselves as what they are, the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Yet these accomplishments of the Obama administration are nothing compared to the Liberal insanity that was allowed to fester on the streets of America to the point where it is no longer containable.

The mascot at the University of Southern California is a Trojan soldier riding a white horse named Traveler.

Traveler FI

The Los Angeles Times reported that Saphia Jackson, co-director of the USC Black Student Assembly, told the university’s newspaper that racism hits close to home, making a specific reference to the name of the white horse, Traveler.

According to Leftists, it’s racist to to name the white horse Traveler because the Confederate General Robert E. Lee also had a horse named Traveller.

Never mind the fact that Robert E Lee’s horse has two “l’s” in its name and the USC mascot only has one.

Also never mind the fact that, according to the Times, the widow of the man who purchased the original Traveler in 1958 has explained to the media that the horse was already named Traveler at the time of purchase.

“The problem is this: maybe three weeks ago it was fine,” Pat Saukko DeBernardi said. “So now the flavor of the day is . . . we all have to be in hysteria. . . . It’s more of a political issue. The horse isn’t political and neither am I.”

Try to use logic with a low-information Leftist community organizer, however, and you will be met with everything ranging from blank stares to vitriolic responses.


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Correction: An original version of this article mentioned the University of South Carolina instead of the University of Southern California. This has been corrected. Thanks to our readers for pointing out this error.

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