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Here is our take on the current “Fake News” Controversy
A Word On Fake News

Chronicle : “A chronological record of events; a history.”

In theory this is what news sites should do.  The problem, of course, is different people have a different interpretation of events.  So this recording of history and events is skewed by these biases.  And to make matters worse, in the US, a small number of corporations control the vast quantity of news outlets.   In fact just 6 companies control 90% of the media.  And many of those media companies have similar interests.  This consolidation of media companies means many stories are written with the same slant.  And worse yet a large number of stories are completely ignored for various reasons.

Media companies have grown increasingly monolithic, with a few corporations controlling the majority of news that Americans digest.  This works against a healthy democracy.  Instead people should have access to a wide array of news outlets with different takes on news events.  This is why the US Chronicle operates as an independent news source.  And this is why the US Chronicle brings up stories that the mainstream media has ignored.

Site Policies :

We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments promoting violence (threats or suggestions), racism (suggestion that one “race” is superior to others). If you see such a post or comment please report it through our contact us page.

We are not part of the alt right. We do not agree with or support them. If you see posts or comments explicitly supporting that movement please report them and they will be taken down. We are opposed to hate groups and applaud efforts to lead people away from these groups (ie For Thirty Years One Black Man Has Been Changing The Hearts Of KKK Members Through Peace And Understanding

Reporting Content :

There is a lot of inaccurate news on the web. We work to check the stories we publish. But like all publications we have in the past picked up stories from other sites that later turned out to be inaccurate. If you find such a story please report it using our contact us form so it can be updated or taken down. Also cite the source that shows the story to be incorrect. We get people writing “this is not true” when they simply see stories they don’t like or challenge their beliefs. This is why the link to the source is helpful.

Additionally if you notice a grammar error or misspelling in our content please report it using our contact us form. Stating the article and the paragraph is helpful.


Are you conservative : We are a conservative leaning publication. But unlike the mainstream media we don’t pretend to be in the middle of the political spectrum while actually pushing a liberal agenda. And we generally cover stories that the mainstream press ignores because they don’t fit the liberal agenda. The mainstream media has a pretty heavy filter on the types of stories they choose to run and what types of stories they ignore. We believe that filter is based on an agenda they are pushing. We try to pick up the stories they ignore.

And we have called out discrimination when we see it. For instance we think Whole Foods engaged in religious discrimination against Muslims when it fired a Muslim instead of allowing them time off to pray – Whole Foods Story. But we also call out discrimination against Christians and the liberal press generally has a problem with that or at least fails to cover it. We believe that everyone regardless of race, religion or belief should be treated equally.

And when right wing extremist idiots commit violent hate crimes we called them out and said they should face the harshest possible punishment. But we also call out extreme leftist violence and for whatever reason that makes some liberals pretty angry. Which is odd because we have no problem when the liberal press calls out right wing violence. All violence, regardless of politics, should be utterly condemned and punished.

Writers And Article Submission :

If you have a story you would like to submit to US Chronicle please use our contact us form.   Please provide as many references as possible.  If this is a story that is happening in your town any links where the story is referenced would be helpful.  We don’t publish every story we receive but references greatly increase the chances we will be able to write about the submitted story.   Pictures and video are helpful but not required.

If you would like to be a regular writer for US Chronicle send us a note using our contact us form.   Please include a sample of your writing and what type of stories you are interested in covering.

Advertising :

If you would like to advertise on US Chronicle please use our contact form with the subject advertising. We do not allow advertising that condones, incites or promotes violence.  We only want to be in relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Therefore we do not require long-term contracts with our advertisers.  You are free to cancel at anytime.

Subscribing To Our Content :

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