These Actors Are Shocked When Reading Actual Gun Stats During Their Auditions

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Imagine what happens when members of the political Left step outside of their comfortable echo chambers and are exposed to thoughts or ideas that conflict with their deeply held beliefs. Take a look at this video below, in which these actors show up for auditions, but are surprised when the auditions include them reading facts about gun crimes:

One of the long-existing dilemmas in American politics has always been how to get the other side to listen to and consider your arguments or beliefs. It seems like each side is always speaking at their opponents rather than to their opponents. On the subject of debate, you can always tell who is more informed on an issue based on how well a person can make the arguments of the other side.

For example, abortion has been a hot-button issue lately. When it comes to the political Right, the argument has always centered around whether or not the human being within the pregnant woman has the basic human right to life. If so, at what point along the pregnancy? For the Left, the issue comes down to a women’s rights issue. The Left argues that, by putting the most basic restrictions on abortions, that are the norm in countries across the globe, women are on a pathway to losing all rights to the point where we will soon be living in a real life version of The Handmaiden’s Tale.

At no point does the political Right mention the rights of women or make the argument that women should lose their rights because the concern has never revolved around the woman. It centers on the creation of another human after the woman has already made the choice to have sex in the first place. The argument has been the same since the beginning, and has only become stronger as technology has allowed us to better ascertain the development of the fetus along its many stages.

So, where is the compromise? Where can the Left and the Right find common ground?

The answer is, as things stand, they cannot.

The Left has found its salvation in its ability to hide from debates, to launch ad hominin attacks against its opponents, and to censor those who simply disagree with them on the grounds of “hate speech.” Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, for example, did everything she could so-as not to face her opponent, Kari Lake, in a debate. It seemed pretty clear, based on how much Lake was itching for a debate and how many excuses Hobbs was giving to avoid one that Hobbs would have been destroyed on the battlefield of ideas. You could also look at John Fetterman’s campaigns efforts to keep the stroke-survivor away from the debate stage for obvious reasons.

But this does not simply apply to debates. Remember when Al Gore’s hysterical doom-and-gloom rhetoric began to be hyped after the release of An Inconvenient Truth, back in 2006? When pushed for him to debate the matter, he and his followers would respond that there was no time to debate. Global Warming was real and we would all be boiled alive or drown by 2016 unless we collectively gave massive power to the government and paid a fortune in taxes. Yet here we are, coming up on twenty years after the apocalyptic predictions, and we are still here.  There apparently was plenty of time to discuss the matter in a rational manner.

The Left cannot win an argument based on the merits of the argument. Because of this, one can only expect the Left to secure itself in echo chambers, hide from debates, and/or censor the opposition. What do you think? Do you know somebody like this?

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