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Al Qaeda Releases ISIS Blooper Reel To Humiliate Competition

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When it comes to terrorism, the last thing any extremist organization is going to want is to have people laughing at them.

Fear and humor are completely incompatible with terror and violence. Terrorists want themselves to be seen as fearsome, tough, brutes who are capable of anything and who can swing across the monkey-bars better than anyone.

That’s why it’s fantastic that a “blooper reel” from ISIS has been leaked to the Internet.

Fox News reports that Al Qaeda’s Hidayah Media Productions obtained the video and The Telegraph is credited with uploading the video to the Internet.

In the video, an ISIS militant identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adeni attempts to re-pledge his loyalty to the Islamic State. He is seen trying to recite,

“All praises are due to Allah alone, and peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad.”

However, a squawking bird continually interrupts al-Adeni and he has to start over each time. To make matters worse, he has to repeatedly pull out a piece of paper to re-read his line.

He finally places the paper on the ground in front of him after someone off-camera tells him to get the paper out of the shot. Al-Adeni can’t seem to stop laughing.

Al Qaeda is believed to have released the video in order to achieve a branding victory as the two terrorist factions are currently fighting for control over Yemen.

You can watch the ISIS blooper video below:


It might sound bizarre, but Fox’s Family Guy did something similar to the ISIS blooper reel.

The cartoon show had a scene with Osama Bin Laden in 2005. In episode fourteen of season four, Osama Bin Laden is trying to create a propaganda video, but can’t seem to make it through without laughing.

He can’t get his lines right and something ‘off camera’ is continually causing him to break character from a tough and fierce radical to a goofy and immature dork.

Take a look below and see if you can spot any similarities:

Source: Fox News, The Telegraph                          Image Source: YouTube Screenshots

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