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Ben Carson Goes After Obama’s Frequently Used Race Card… Liberals Can’t Be Happy About This

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Carson On Obama Race Card

During an interview with Glenn Thrush of Politico, neurosurgeon Ben Carson went after Barack Obama’s frequent use of the race card to advance the Liberal agenda.

Dr. Carson criticized Obama’s attempts to identify with African-American communities, and said that the president was, “Raised White.”

“Many of his formative years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experience of black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”

When Barack Obama began his campaign in 2008, he immediately inserted race into the conversation by repeating the same message during his stump speeches.

He would say that he was going to receive criticism for having a funny sounding name, or because he didn’t look like the ‘folks’ on America’s paper currency, suggesting that he was expecting criticism because he was black.

The neurosurgeon was also critical of Obama’s policies, of which he claimed were leading to broken families, and discouraging prosperity.

It should be no surprise, considering Obama’s home town of Chicago has widespread violence and poverty stricken communities, and yet the Democrats have been solely in charge for decades.

“So, as a society, we really need to start thinking, ‘How do we encourage the development of strong families’ rather than ‘How do we destroy strong families?'”

Carson was also asked about racism in the country, and the neurosurgeon said that he had not experienced racism from anyone within the Republican Party, and that any racism that he has seen has come from those on the Left. He said that Liberals see him differently if he does not share their ideology.

“…If you don’t think that way, you’re ‘Uncle Tom,’ you’re worthy of every horrible epithet they can come up with; whereas, if I weren’t black, then I would just be a Republican.”

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