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Bias Much? Google Describes Republican Ideology As Nazism

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Screenshot Of Search Results Obtained Via Vice News

The tech giant Google has found itself in hot water after linking the Conservative Party of California with the Nazi movement.

As first reported by Vice News, the “knowledge panel” of the Google search engine, a panel that provides background information regarding search results, the term “Nazism” appeared in the ideology section of the California Republican Party.

Google has since claimed that this was simply a mistake, which is the same excuse that Facebook gave when labeling pro-Trump advocates Diamond and Silk as a danger to the public. It seems that, when these tech giants “make mistakes,” the error always goes against the Republicans, Conservatives, and the Right in general.

The “error” was discovered just one week before California voters were heading out to the polls to vote. Meaning that any undecided voter who decided to look to Google to find out more about what political party they should vote for, they would find Nazism as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

Since the election of Donald Trump, and even during his presidential campaign, the Left tried their hardest to link Republicans with the ideology of white-supremacy, Nazism, and the KKK. Using the endorsement of David Duke as a starting point, the Drive By Media ran story after story about how racist the Trump administration was and how Trump was actively trying to galvanize the Nazis in America.

Take a look at just a few of the headlines that have appeared in the Mainstream Media over the last couple of years:

Trump Headlines

Keep in mind, the media was never bothered when Barack Obama received the endorsement of the leader of the Communist Party USA.

What is ironic about all of this is that it is the Democratic Party, by far, that has more in common with the ideology of white supremacy, the Nazis, and racism in general.

Just prior to the election of Barack Obama, soon-to-be Vice President Joe Biden was making comments about a mainstream, clean-cut, articulate black man being a work of fiction. Former KKK recruiter and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was representing the people of West Virginia at the time.

Going back in history a little further, and you will see that it was the Democratic Party who enacted the Jim Crow Laws, who filibustered the Civil Rights Act, and who created the KKK to intimidate and, in some cases, kill members of the black community and those who were working to help them.

It was also a Democratic Party administration that rounded up Japanese-Americans and locked them inside interment camps during WWII.

For sixty years, during the 20th century, the Alabama Democratic Party had a rooster and a banner that said, “White Supremacy,” as their official logo.

The Progressive hero of the Left, former President Woodrow Wilson, actually selected the pro-KKK propaganda film, “The Birth Of A Nation,” as the first movie to be screened at the White House.

Go back several decades before that and you will see that the Democratic Party actually refused to acknowledge the duly elected Republican President Abraham Lincoln and split the country in two to have their own nation that is fueled by slavery.

Finally, go all the way back to the first Democratic Party administration and you will find Andrew Jackson. Jackson, you may or may not know, is the president who forced the Native Americans onto reservations through the Trail of Tears.

Adolf Hitler’s entire concept of moving the Jews and other undesireables to concentration camps is believed to have been inspired by the Democrat’s Trail of Tears. As uncovered by Dineshs D’Souza, Hitler gave a speech in 1928 where he noted that the Americans had,

“…Gunned down the millions of Redskins to a few hundred thousand, and now keep the modest remnant under observation in a cage.”  

The Nazi idea of eugenics and eliminating the inferior humans was learned from observing the American progressives who believed in weeding out the disabled, infirm, and those without much quality of life.

Hitler was also a big proponent of the disarmament of the people, the elimination of religion in favor of worshiping the State, and was a big fan of socialism.

Which of the two political parties is pushing for the repeal of the Second Amendment through “common sense” gun control laws, pushing for the elimination of religion in public spaces, and a fundamental transformation of the United States into a utopia where we spread the wealth and the State takes care of everyone’s basic needs?

So, while the Left is intent on trying to label Republicans and Donald Trump as the party of white supremacy and the Nazis, it is actually the Democratic Party that has its roots deeply embedded in racism, division, hatred, and violence.

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Source: Vice News

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