Biden Nominee Forced To Face Her Own Words

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In the world of politics and public service, one’s views and outlooks on the world can have a major impact on whether or not a potential candidate or nominee is chosen for a job. This is a truth that Gigi Sohn, a Biden administration nominee for the position of FCC Chairman, was made to face when Senator JD Vance (R-OH) read aloud Tweets previously made.

After stating the problem of racializing political discourse in the country, to the point where public figures within the Biden administration seem to feel comfortable issuing pejorative statements against entire demographics of people, Vance read aloud a Tweet exemplifying this racialization and asked Sohn whether or not she thought the statement should disqualify a candidate for a position within the FCC:

“President Obama is a raggedy Black supremacist president and his cowardly enablers would rather kill everybody than stop killing White people.” 

Sohn responded by saying that she would need to know the context behind the Tweet before making a decision on the Tweet.

Vance then dropped the hammer by telling the nominee that it was actually a Tweet that she herself had re-Tweeted but with the word ‘Obama’ replaced with ‘Trump’ and the races mentioned in the Tweet reversed.

In the next Tweet, Vance made mention of another Tweet issued by Sohn, in which she referred to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as an “angry white man.”

Senator Vance then went on to profess his caution about appointing Sohn to the position of FCC Chairman,

“You talk about racial issues in a way that will inflame the very worst things in our country. And I fear that, if you’re given this position of authority, you will use that authority to continue to inflame and to potentially even to censor based on some of these ideas.”

Sohn responded that she made those remarks in her capacity as a private citizen and that they would not influence her decisions should her nomination be confirmed.

You can watch the exchange below:


To be clear, the rhetoric that people post online and the statements people make in public offer insight into how people think and is a demonstration of their character.

Online discussions is a great litmus test to find out the true nature of a person as that is going to be the place where they are going to feel most at ease expressing their deepest held beliefs. A person who continuously makes hyper-racist or racializing remarks online would only expose themselves as a person with deeply held prejudices against groups of people.

What do you think? Should Sohn be confirmed as the Chairman of the FCC?

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