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Biden Supporters Struggle To Name A Single Biden Accomplishment

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Campus Reform FI

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips walked the streets of Detroit to ask Democrat Party supporters to list a single accomplishment of the former Vice President, and the results are shockingly hilarious.

Before we begin, it’s important to remember something:

Joe Biden was sworn into the US Senate on January 5, 1973. He went on to serve in the Senate through the 70’s and the 80’s with a presidential run in 1988.

Biden continued being a member of the Senate through the 90’s and through the early 2000’s until he ran for president a second time in 2008.

It was failing to secure a victory during the Democratic Primaries that opened Biden to accept the Vice President position of the Obama administration.

What’s the point of mentioning all of this?

It’s to provide a little bit of context to the Campus Reform video. Joe Biden was in the Senate for three and a half decades. He then spent almost another decade as a vice president who had the ear of President Barack Obama.

All told, Joe Biden has been in Washington for 45 years. Almost a half century. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s find out about all of the accomplishments credited to Biden from the very people who showed up to support his presidential run:

In case you missed it, what we learned from these Democrats is that almost 50 years of Joe Biden service in government amounts to:

He stood next to Barack Obama. 

He was a segregationist. 

He is a likable guy. 

He was “instrumental” in the passing of Obamacare. 

He has been in Washington for a long time. 

One has to wonder, if this is the best that the Democrat base can say about him, how does he think he even has a shot at winning the 2020 election?

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