California Is Collapsing From Liberal Policies According To Del Beccaro Op-Ed In Forbes

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The election of Donald Trump has triggered Leftists across the country to behave in childish, petulant, and disruptive ways, and some have even called for the makeup of the Unites States to be reevaluated.

Though some Liberals in California are serious about the state seceding and forming their own country, history demonstrates that the state’s spending habits exhibit failures and misplaced priorities.

This was pointed out beautifully by author Thomas Del Beccaro, who penned an opinion piece that was featured in Forbes.

Beccaro began by pointing out that the state of California experienced heavy rains despite “scientists” predicting an eternal drought.

“Indeed, taxpayer funded NASA climatologist Bill Patzert predicted last year that, ‘We are in a drought forever.'”

Couple the unusually large amounts of rainfall with the fact that the Liberal state ignored the calls to invest in and repair its infrastructure to instead focus on social justice warrior agendas and helping illegal immigrants, and it’s not surprising that the Oroville Dam failed.

“For over a decade, despite many warnings, the social justice warriors have not only refused to build new water infrastructure to feed a population growing with the immigrants and now refugees they want to protect, they have also refused to spend money to protect the infrastructure they have.”

Instead, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown is working to spend $70 billion to build high speed rail in the state. One of the contracts to build this high speed rail project, Beccaro points out, amazingly went to Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband (D-CA).

All of this is to say that the Left in California is welcome to try their hand at seceding and being their own country, but given their track record of pushing global warming, social justice warrior, and illegal immigration agendas, it’s not very likely that they are going to be happy with standing on their own.

Share this if you would love to see California succeed, just to teach them a lesson.


Source: Forbes

Source: The Federalist Papers

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