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California Passes Law To Regulate Cow Farts

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Democratic Governor Jerry Brown has signed, into law, legislation that would regulate the flatulence created by bovine in the state of California.

In other words,

“Cow farts.” 

It should be comforting that while the state is facing an impending pension crisis and illegal immigration is running rampant, the Democrats in California can focus on the more pressing matters of cow farts.

Senate Bill No. 1383declares that “short-lived climate pollutants, such as black carbon, fluorinated gases, and methane, are powerful climate forcers that have a dramatic and detrimental effect on air quality, public health, and climate change.”

One of the major sources of methane gas is cattle and other livestock in farms.

The effort is aimed at combating the politically-motivated claims that mankind is causing the globe to warm by releasing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The idea is that these gasses are creating an insulated layer in the Earth’s ozone, and is trapping the sun’s radiation, causing the planet to warm.

For those who believe in Global Warming, the Earth’s cyclical temperature fluctuation have nothing to do with that shiny ball in the sky, called the Sun, and have everything to do with mankind breathing and cow farts.

Dairy farmers are rightly concerned that the new measures are going to drive up the costs of doing business, especially as they are just recovering from the effects of a multiple year drought and raising labor costs.

California regulators are working to formulate a plan that would require dairy farmers to purchase and operate devices known as “methane digesters,” which convert the methane gas, produced from manure, into electricity.

California dairy farms will have to be retrofitted with these devices in order to be in compliance with SB 1383.

The problem, however, is that the devices can have price-tags that reach well into the millions, and struggling dairy farmers may have a difficult time purchasing them.

Though the state has set aside $50 million to subsidize the cost of the  methane digesters, with more than 1,500 dairy farmers, it is clearly not enough.

What this means for the rest of the country, as California is one of the country’s largest dairy producers, is that consumers can expect the cost of their dairy products, in their local grocery stores, to begin to increase.

All thanks to the busy-body Californian politicians who are more concerned with the dangers of cow farts and man-made global warming than they are with real-world issues like balancing a budget or stopping illegal immigration.

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Source: Fox News

Source: The Blaze

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