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CNN Reporter Posted This Pic, The Internet Responds

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The Internet can be a fickle thing, and Leftists in the media are usually slow to realize that more than half of the country does not share their belief that the last eight years were the best years out of the entire history of the United States, and that the Obama family will be missed when they are no longer running the White House.

After all, the Democrats suffered yet another sweeping defeat in the 2016 election season, and the American people gave Republicans more governmental power than the party has had in almost a century. If Obama’s policies were so popular, and everybody loved them, it would not be the case.

CNN’s White House correspondent, Michelle Kosinski, took to social media to lament the fact that the Obamas were soon to be vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.




Rather than getting the condolences, and offers of empathy that she may have been expecting, her Twitter account was flooded with Tweets from people who were looking forward to a the end of the era of Obama.


Some simply questioned how much the Obama’s were planning on stealing when they left the White House, a clear allusion to the fact-checked reports about the Clintons leaving the White House with hundreds of thousands of dollars in furniture and china when the term of Bill Clinton was finished.

The Clintons returned $28,000 in White House furniture, claiming that they thought they were personal gifts, and paid $86,000 to the government for other White House inventory that they took with them that they felt was theirs as well.

It has also been reported that, as a gesture done out of spite, the Clintons or their staffers removed the “W’s” from all of the keyboards prior to George W. Bush taking office.

Are you going to miss Barack Hussein Obama?



Source: Bizpac Review


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