CNN Warns Of “Digital Black-Face”

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CNN has determined yet another action to racist and a modern day version of Blackface, and it’s pretty funny.

Over the years, CNN has given the country a lot to laugh about. Five years ago, they gave us the ground-breaking and hard-hitting example of journalism that they have become known for when they breathlessly told us that President Donald Trump gets two scoops of ice cream when his guests only get one. Shocking stuff and an absolute bombshell of a story.

Then there was the network’s coverage of the “Summer of Love,” a time in American history when fringe-Leftist terrorists destroyed billions of dollars worth of property and engaged in riots that took the lives of more than 30 people. This was all supposedly done in the name of justice. Multiple police were injured across the country and even entire city blocks were annexed by Antifa extremists in Portland. According to CNN, these were just examples of ‘fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.’

Yet CNN continues to be a source of mockery as it is now concerned with what is known as “digital Blackface.”

According to a CNN article, digital Blackface involves the sharing of any video, GIF, or image of a Black person for the purpose of entertainment or of using their expressions as your own. This only pertains to White people, by the way. The article goes on to say,

“If a White person shares an image online that perpetuates stereotypes of Black people as loud, dumb, hyperviolent or hypersexual, they’ve entered digital blackface territory.”



The article goes on to say that if you have ever posted Michael Jordan crying, RuPaul saying, “Guuuurl,” or Tyra Banks exploding about a contestant not winning, and you are White, you are partaking in digital Blackface. However,

“If you’re Black and you’ve shared such images online, you get a pass.” 

We may not be the best experts on the subject, but it seems like common sense that having one standard for one race and a different standard for another race is somewhat… what’s the word… racist. It’s almost like today’s Democrats and Leftists are continuing the racist dream of the 20th century Democrats who enacted segregation laws. Two sets of water fountains. Two sets of bathrooms. Designated areas on the bus based on the race.

Today’s Leftists seem to be continuing this dream by now claiming that only one race of people is free to share any GIF they choose while another race of people should be limited and ‘stick to their own kind.’

The CNN article finishes by cautioning White people to consider sharing an image or GIF of Taylor Swift if their first choice was that of a Black person.

What do you think? Is CNN oblivious to their own racism and should their network officially be listed as a parody on social media?

Source: Original CNN Article

Image Source: Sweet Brown video where Kimberly Wilkins says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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