Democrat Pollster Asks Union Leaders to Lie to Their Members

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So here is another veritas video. There are a few parts in here that are pretty interesting. What obviously stands out the most is the Pollster telling union members to lie to their members. Specifically about candidates stances on guns. Basically telling them that democrat candidates are gun for gun rights even when they aren’t.

So think about this for a second. Union members pay money to union leaders to protect their interests. And they are basically being told to put their own partisan liberal interests above their duty to their members. The same members that pay their salaries.

Whats also a little wild is that in some industries it’s difficult to keep your job without union membership. The same union that is being told to lie to you. While its hard to know if they did eventually lie to their members. There was not much disagreement from the union leaders in the room.

Additionally, it’s strange this was a pollster not a DNC operative. So at the beginning she says lets take off our pollster hats and put on our partisan hats. Kind of a strange thing to say in a pollster office.

Source National Review

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