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Democrats Clash With AG Barr During Congressional Hearing

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Congressional Democrats battled it out with Attorney General Bill Barr during a congressional hearing that could only be described as frustrating at best.

The Democrats have been demanding that Barr show up to a hearing for more than a year, complaining the entire time that his refusal to do so indicated corruption and an obstruction of justice.

Yet when the Democrats finally have their chance, and the attorney general is seated before them and ready to answer their questions, they refused to let him speak.

Take a look at this fiery exchange, for example, between Hank Johnson (D-GA) and Bill Bar:

If you are not familiar with Hank Johnson, you might recall that he is the politician who once questioned whether or not Guam would “capsize” if 8,000 more troops were sent to the island.

Perhaps it’s a sad reflection on Georgia’s 4th district, but a man who makes the claim that an island could tip over if its population increases has since been re-elected four more times.

Barr was repeatedly cut off from speaking as Democrat after Democrat announced, “I reclaim my time,” to prevent Barr from answering their questions.

At one point, Barr was asked by Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ) if he would intervene on President Trump’s behalf to stop states from counting legal ballots after Election Day during the upcoming election.

Barr responds, and it’s the correct answer, that he would simply follow the law. That suggests that President Trump’s wants and needs are irrelevant in regards to Barr carrying out his duty. This is an ideal characteristic in a man whose job is to enforce the law. Contrast that with Barack Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, who once described himself as Obama’s “wingman.”

What’s amazing is that Democrats seem to be offended and outraged at somebody who says they will follow the law.

Though it was of little help during a hearing controlled by pontificating Democrats, who seemed more interested in hearing themselves speak rather than hearing what Attorney General Bill Bar had to say, the attorney general was not facing a panel completely made up of adversaries.

Among the few Republicans on the panel, Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke up on several occasions about the fairness of the hearings and questioned why the Democrats were refusing to allow Barr to answer the questions that they themselves were asking.

You can check out a few of these exchanges below:

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