Donald Trump Jr. Beautifully Trolls Democrats After Dumping Millions Into Special Election Race And Losing

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The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as Donald Trump Jr. is using the social media platform Twitter to troll Democrats, following their failure at “buying” the congressional position for Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

If you are unfamiliar with the special election that took place, here are the details:

The match-up was between Republican candidate Karen Handel and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff to decide who was going to fill the congressional seat that was vacated by Tom Price.

Price left the position to accept an offer to be Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

For the several months leading up to the election, the media painted the picture that the special election was a referendum on the Trump administration, and that a Democratic Party victory would be an indication that the country was feeling buyer’s remorse for electing Donald Trump.

Millions upon millions of dollars, with much of it coming from out of state, poured into the 6th district to provide support for Ossoff, who didn’t even live in the district he was campaigning in.

In the end, though, the Democrats couldn’t buy the election, and the results marked the fourth special election victory for Republicans since Donald Trump took office.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter, after the Republican candidate was declared the winner, and began trolling the Left:

Trump Tweet 1


Trump Tweet 2


Trump Tweet 3


Trump Tweet 4


Trump Tweet 5


Trump Tweet 6


Trump Tweet 7


Trump Tweet 8


Trump Tweet 9


Trump Tweet 10


When do you suppose the Left and the Drive By Media are going to understand that America has been rejecting Progressive and Liberal policies in every election since a former community organizer seized the reigns of power to declare that he was going to fundamentally transform the United States?

How many Republican victories are necessary before the media accepts that America wants Donald Trump as the president?


Source: Chicks On The Right

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