Fabio Warns Americans “Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns”

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The iconic fashion model and actor, who goes simply by the name Fabio, has some solid advice for the American people,

“Don’t you ever give up your guns. If people lose that right, forget about it.”

During an interview with Lifezette, Fabio warned that Americans were going down the same road that Europe has gone down, where the government has cracked down on the people’s right to own personal firearms.

“Politicians — they will take everything away from you. And then what are you going to do, protest with a rock? Because that’s what they do in Europe.”

He cautioned that the future of the nation was dependent on the ability for the citizenry to be armed.

“The day you give up your weapon in the United States, the United States is going to be history.” 

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Fabio, a current resident of California, also railed against his state’s efforts to be lenient on criminals and criminal behavior.

He warned that Proposition 57, a bill that reduces the sentences of non-violent criminals, was sold by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown as a tool that would be used mostly in cases involving possession of marijuana and would help to reduce budgetary costs by reducing the time that certain criminals spend in jail.

However, the model pointed out, the list of “non-violent crimes” includes so much more,

“Human trafficking involving sex with minors, assault with a deadly weapon, attempting to explode a bomb in a school or hospital, discharging a firearm on school guards, failing to register as a sex offender … the list goes on and on and on.” 

Fabio added that the push to repeal Proposition 57 was not a political issue at all.

“This is a non-political situation. You’re talking about the people and the law enforcement against the criminal.

You’re on the side of the people and the law enforcement, or you’re on the side of the criminal. It’s a very simple issue.”

Fabio is among a small group in the Hollywood entertainment industry that does not subscribe to a Liberal or Progressive ideology.

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Source: Lifezette

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