Former Chicago Police Superintendent: Black Lives Matter ‘Emboldens Criminals’ While “Hamstringing Police”

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Former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Garry McCarthy, joined John Catsimatidis on the Cats Roundtable to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, and the real-life consequences that it is causing in communities.

“We’ve created an environment where we have emboldened the criminals, and we are ham-stringing the police. That’s creating a state of lawlessness.” 

If you are unfamiliar with McCarthy, he was the superintendent who was fired by Chicago Mayor and former Chief Of Staff to Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel.

The matter was over the public release of dash-cam footage that showed the fatal shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald at the hands of a white police officer.

The subsequent Black Lives Matter protests flooded the city’s streets, blocking traffic and bringing businesses to a halt. Many shops along Michigan Avenue suffered greatly as protesters targeted their stores during the busiest retail day of the year, Black Friday.

In response to the growing unrest, and the fact that City Hall was losing control over the situation, Rahm Emanuel asked for the resignation of Superintendent McCarthy to appease the mob, who were demanding that the mayor step down as well.

When McCarthy refused to resign, he was fired by Emanuel, and was later identified, by some, as a “sacrificial lamb.”

Since that time, crime has skyrocketed in the Windy City, as a result of what is known as “the Ferguson Effect.”

The phenomenon is named for the bad publicity that the police received from the Drive By Media, protesters, and politicians as a result of the police-involved shooting of Michael Brown, a shooting that a grand-jury later determined no wrong-doing on the part of the officer involved.

Police forces are finding their officers second-guessing themselves, and hesitating in responding, and not reacting out of fear that their names and reputations will be tarnished by a media that is pushing the Black Lives Matter narratives.

As a result, officers are answering calls in neighborhoods where the best-case scenarios are non-compliance, and the worst-case scenarios are open, and sometimes violent, aggression aimed at the police.

Garry McCarthy pointed out that the Black Lives Matter movement has actually been hurting the communities that it has been professing to help,

“So what’s happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks.”

You can hear the entire interview below. Share this if you think McCarthy is spot on with his assessment.


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