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Fox News Is Crushing CNN AND MSNBC Since Election

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Following the conclusion of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News’ ratings has more than tripled the combined efforts of its biggest competitors CNN and MSNBC.

One month after the election of Donald Trump, the Fox News Channel has seen an average of 2.9 million viewers according to a compilation of Nielsen ratings data.

By contrast, neither CNN nor MSNBC broke an average of one million viewers, just barely surpassing an average of 900,000 viewers.

The news is not shocking considering how out of touch the two Left-leaning networks are with the American people, and what they believe to be as true.

For example, leading up to the election, there were political pundits on each network that were working to push the narrative that Donald Trump was a misogynistic, racist, white-supremacist with a short temper who needed to be prevented from being allowed access to the launch codes of America’s nuclear arsenal.

It was the Left that pushed the notion that Trump was a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer based solely on the fact that he had been endorsed by David Duke.

It was they that pushed the notion that there were no minorities supporting Trump, as shown when MSNBC’s Tameron Hall sent cameras into a Trump rally to show just how racist the billionaire’s supporters were.

What they found instead, and this seemed to stun Hall, was a black man named Frank Vick who called out the Leftist narrative, and demanded that all of the “racist stuff” stop.

“We’re all Americans. We need to stop with all this racist stuff. Like me and my friend right here. We just met today, and we gotta stop with the racist stuff.”

CNN and MSNBC seemed to misjudge the American electorate as both networks’ “political experts” predicted Hillary Clinton to be the one to win the White House. In fact, CNN, at one point, gave Donald Trump a 1% chance of winning the election.

Even after the election, the two networks, along with other Drive By Media outlets, seemed to be unable to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost because of Hillary Clinton.

CNN’s Van Jones called the election results a “whitelash,” suggesting that racism played a part in the election, and ignoring the fact that both candidates were Caucasian.

Other straw-man arguments included Russian hacking, where supposedly the Russian government was behind obtaining the Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta’s, emails that showed corruption and media collusion.

The Left also blames the FBI for re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, 11 days prior to the election, after Clinton’s top aide’s husband, Anthony Wiener’s, computer was seized after the disgraced senator was discovered to have been sexting another woman with his infant son next to him, and it was suspected that some of Clinton’s deleted emails may have been stored on the device.

CNN and MSNBC have also taken to blaming “fake news” for its part in swaying voters away from Clinton, completely ignoring the fact that both networks have been exposed for editing videos to provide “fake news” themselves.

YouTube commentator Mark Dice has a great compilation of the top ten “fake news” stories from 2016:

Whatever the actual reason for the steep drop in MSNBC’s and CNN’s ratings, Fox News, the network that identifies itself as “fair and balanced,” can take pride in the fact that they are doing something that works, and clearly something that is resonating with the American people.


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