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Funny Stuff: The Devil Shows Up At A Church Service

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Most people, if they were asked, could probably give you an answer to the question ‘who is the Devil?’

The answers might focus more on a physical description that might include a pointy tail, some horns, and possibly a little pointy beard. The person asked might throw in the idea that the Devil prefers to run around with a pitchfork because… he likes to bale hay in hell. Or they might give you an answer that the Devil is a big, hairy beast with sharp claws and dripping fangs. Or, they might come up with the idea that the Devil can take on whatever shape he would like.

Other answers might delve into a more Biblical response. They might explain that the Devil is a fallen angel that was cast out of the Heavens for challenging the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They might suggest that he is a creature that is destined to do battle with all things good in the world.

Still, there are others who would give a more philosophical answer. They might suggest that the Devil is not a being at all, but is merely the personification of the evil in the world. In other words, when someone says, “The Devil made me do it,” they are not saying that a goat-legged creature forced them to steal a Snickers candy bar from their local supermarket, but that their own deviant mind and lack of a conscience caused them to act immorally.

Whatever the response you get when you ask someone who the Devil is, with the exception of those who for some reason worship him, it is going to be a response that moves towards affirming that he’s not a good guy.

This entire discussion might seem unusual, but we’re getting to a point.

When it comes to our deeply held beliefs, whether it be about our religion, our political ideologies, or simply about our understanding about how the world works, it’s important that we always question with boldness.

Whatever answer you came up with about what or who you think the Devil is, make sure that it is an answer that you truly believe.

The same attitude should be adhered to in all aspects of your life. Never be afraid of what you find when you question things.

Thomas Jefferson, arguably one of the greatest minds in American history, once said,

“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

In other words, hold to your beliefs because you know them to be true rather than because somebody told you to believe in them or face serious consequences.

If more people actively thought this way, the world would be a far different place.

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