Anti-Trump Republican Incumbent In Hot Water As Challenger Surges Past In The Polls

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Republican incumbent Jeff Flake, one of two Senators from Arizona, is likely to be facing a steep challenge even before his general election bid in 2018.

That’s because, according to a  JMC Analytics poll obtained by Breitbart News, Flake is polling 26 points behind a Republican primary challenger, Kelli Ward.

When asked which Republican primary candidate they would vote for, if the election were held today, 47% of the likely Arizona voters surveyed said that they would choose Ward while a measly 21% said they would be voting for the incumbent candidate, Jeff Flake.

The possible reason for these results can be discovered by examining the answers from the other questions that were asked.

Likely voters were also asked about their support for the job that Donald Trump is doing as president.

76% of those surveyed approved while only 21% of those surveyed disapproved.

Senator Flake has been openly critical of his own party’s leader, and has remained a “never-Trumper” right through Donald Trump’s unanticipated defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.


Flake has even written a book that is devoted to bashing the 45th president, going so far as labeling the American people’s election of Donald Trump a “Faustian Bargain.”

If you are unfamiliar with Faust, it’s a legend about a German scholar named Faust, who becomes bored and depressed with his life.

Faust then summons the Devil, Mephistopheles, and makes a bargain for wealth and power in exchange for his soul.

In other words, Senator Flake has determined that, by electing Donald Trump, the American people have essentially made a pact with the Devil.

Flake has gone so far as to write a book called Conscience of a Conservative that is devoted to slamming and criticizing the president. Flake’s contention is that the Republican Party has abandoned their Conservative principles by supporting a man like Trump.

It’s no surprise then, considering that half of the country supported Trump, that Flake’s approval has plummeted. The Arizona Senator is quickly becoming a politician without a base.

The JMC Analytics poll asked those it surveyed, knowing that Donald Trump wants to unseat Jeff Flake, how likely are they to vote for the Arizona Senator in the Republican Primary?

60% said that they would be less likely to cast a vote for Flake, because of this fact, while only 21% said that they would be more likely.

Update: Senator Jeff Flake has announced, during a lengthy speech given from the floor of the Senate, that he will not be seeking re-election to congressional office. Flake cited reasons that he claimed were rooted in principles, but it cannot be helped but noticed, judging by multiple examples of polling data, that he stood a very little chance of surviving the primaries, let alone a general election.


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