Awesome: Meme Takes Down Gun Control Argument In A Big Way

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Mass Shooting Meme AI

The Daily Caller has created a brilliant meme that takes down the argument that more gun laws are necessary in the United States.

After every mass shooting incident, the national conversation generally revolves around blaming guns and infringing on the Second Amendment by passing “common sense” gun-control laws.

The airwaves become filled with political pundits, politicians, and celebrities who want to weigh in and express the need for the US to restrict gun ownership. It’s always humorous to note that many of the politicians and celebrities that you see clamoring about the guns in the United States are, themselves, constantly surrounded by private security details that are armed with guns.

Aside from that, though, the pro-gun control argument has a few flaws that need to be pointed out.

First of all, new gun laws are only going to effect those who actually follow the laws.

A criminal is a person who, by definition, does not follow the law.

You could, in theory, ban private citizens from owning guns, entirely, and it would still not stop mass shootings and gun violence.

Gun Bans Meme 1

Secondly, going after the American people’s guns after a mass shooting is the equivalent of passing “common sense” car-control laws after somebody, for whatever reason, decides to drive into a crowd of people.

Perhaps the driver was drunk, perhaps they were members of ISIS, or perhaps they were just having a really bad day and wanted to take it out on other people in the most disgusting way possible.

For whatever reason a driver decides to commit a crime with their car, we do not blame the car. Instead, we blame the driver.

Why, then, do we blame the guns when a single deranged individual goes on a mass shooting spree?

The counter to this argument is generally something along the lines of,

“Yeah, well, a car is not designed to kill people, but a gun is. The sole purpose of a gun is to cause damage to others.” 

This is actually true. However, so what?

It is not illegal in America for a private citizen to own a weapon. And despite the rhetoric from the Left, there is a screening process, including a background check, that every responsible gun owner must go through in order to legally obtain a firearm.

The only people who do not have to submit to a background check when purchasing their guns are the criminals of society.

Which is partly why we say that there is not a single mass-shooting in recent history that any proposed “common-sense” gun-control laws could have prevented.

New gun-control laws could not have stopped Las Vegas, they could not have stopped Orlando, they could not have stopped San Bernardino, and they could not have stopped Charleston.

If we know that new gun control laws will have zero effect on stopping gun violence and mass shootings, then why is there the push to enact them?

The truth of the matter is that gun-control has been and always will be about granting the government even more power and control over its people.


Meme Source: The Daily Caller

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