ISIS Confirms Man On FBI Most Wanted List Was Killed In Airstrike

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According to the ISIS propaganda magazine, Rumiyaha terrorist featured on the FBI’s most wanted list was killed in a US-led coalition airstrike.

His eulogy was included as a cover story in the 8th issue of Rumiyah, with a summary of his life as well as his work within the terrorist organization.

Ahmad Abousamra is described as, “ISIS’s most important media operatives,” and as the founder of the two ISIS magazines, Dabiq and Rumiyah.

The article, as translated by MEMRI, uses six pages to honor the life of the ISIS recruiter, and begins with his life growing up in America.

After graduating from the University of Massachusettes, Abousamra attempted a 2006 terrorist attack on American soil, which was thwarted. He managed to evade capture, and fled to Syria where he had a dual-citizenship.

The article describes his attempted terrorist attack as some sort of holy mission overseen by Allah:

“He didn’t stay long until he decided to try and make America itself the frontlines for his jihad and the place for his martyrdom. So along with two of his companions he planned to carry out an operation that would target Americans in their own land.

They drew up their plans for their desired operation, including the seizure of some weapons from the Crusaders, which they would then use for an attack behind enemy lines that they hoped would cause the killing of a large number of polytheists.

However, Allah decreed otherwise, and He does what He wills. Their plot was discovered just days before the operation’s appointed time.

But Allah saved him from falling into captivity, allowing him to leave America before the FBI could gather sufficient information to release an order for his arrest at the borders and airports.

So he returned to the birthplace of his fathers in Sham, staying in the city of Aleppo for a few years, seeking knowledge, calling his family and friends to tawhid, and anticipating his next chance to wage jihad.”

According to the article, Abousamra’s next choice of occupation was to become a suicide bomber, but the ISIS leader, Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Furqan, saw potential, and asked him to engage in the propaganda efforts for the terrorist organization.

Abousamra created Dabiq and Rumiyah, with the intention of training and recruiting ISIS cells worldwide, who would be able to carry out individual (lone-wolf) operations in their home countries.


He was placed on the FBI’s most wanted list in 2013, with a summary of the crimes that he was being sought for:

“Ahmad Abousamra was indicted after taking multiple trips to Pakistan and Yemen where he allegedly attempted to obtain military training for the purpose of killing American soldiers overseas.

On November 5, 2009, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Abousamra in the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, after he was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists; conspiracy to kill in a foreign country; conspiracy; and false statements.”


Source: MEMRI


Source: Breitbart 


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