Sarah Silverman: Anti-Trumpers Need To Be “Relentless” And Keep Taking To The Streets

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Sarah Silverman joined one of hundreds of organized protests aimed at pressuring President Trump to release his tax records, though the Leftist comedian did not specifically explain why it was necessary for Trump to do so in the first place.

Silverman said that she came out for the rally because she was raised by her parents to be an active citizen.

“…That’s what we do. When you love America, and you love your country, you have to speak out and speak up.” 

What seems to be missing from the Left is the fact that they had the chance to speak out and speak up in November, during the presidential election.

Because Donald Trump won a constitutionally fair election, according to the rules that everyone agreed to during the campaign, it stands to reason that the country wanted Trump as their president.

This “speak out and speak up” rally, as well as the thousands of other anti-Trump rallies that have taken place since the inauguration, could be simply summarized as the “sore loser” campaign.

Silverman went on to say that she intends to fight for her country, and made the point that paying taxes was important.

“I was raised to know that it’s an honor to pay taxes. It’s important to pay taxes. That’s part of being an American citizen, and helping each other.” 

It might be somewhat of a shock to learn, but American exceptionalism is not the result of American citizens having the “honor” of giving their hard-earned money to the federal government, and having the bureaucrats in Washington decide how that money should be spent.

Silverman continued,

“We’re living in a time where honesty has no currency…” 

We should point out that Sarah Silverman was supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election, a woman who lied about her husband’s infidelities, a woman who lied about dodging sniper fire, and a woman who lied about the cause of the 2012 Benghazi attack.


The Liberal comedian finished up the interview with a long string of rambling thoughts:

“…The only way to really penetrate this administration is to take to the streets, and to be relentless. Because they’re being very smartly being relentless… We’re being bombarded by myriad atrocities every day, and it’s exhausting. It is wearing us down. We can’t let it. We have to rise up and not get tired of doing it constantly because it really makes a difference. I think.”

Sarah Silverman, if you are unfamiliar with her activist work, is the comedian who thought that construction markings on a street were a part of a Nazi conspiracy, and was also involved with providing a PSA about the unfair  wage gap between men and women in America by using a misrepresentation of a personal story.

Watch the interview below:



Source: Breitbart

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