[VIDEO] A Police Officer Has A Split Second To Decide Whether To Shoot Or Not – The Department Uploaded This Video For The Public To See The Difficult Decisions They Face

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One of the most underappreciated professions in American society, thanks in part to the rhetoric of Leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, is the police officer.

Black Lives Matter will claim that the police are nothing more than racist brutes who just want to exterminate and harass minority communities. Their claim is that officers who pull the trigger on punks who point a gun at them should be fired, sued, imprisoned, or all three for overreacting to a situation.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. It doesn’t matter, as in the case of Michael Brown, of Ferguson, if the suspect tries to steal an officer’s gun before getting shot. It doesn’t matter, as in the case of Sylville Smith, of Milwaukee, if the suspect is brandishing a stolen semi-automatic weapon at officers.

For Black Lives Matter, the only good guys seem to be the punks that are attacking officers, and refusing to cooperate with law-enforcement efforts. This could contribute to why the group is widely seen as an anti-police organization.

In an effort to educate the public on what a police officer actually sees when they arrive at the scene, the Grand Prairie Police Department released a 33 second dash-cam video that shows a police cruiser arriving at the tail end of a police chase, where the suspect gets out of his vehicle, and takes a stance suggesting that he is about to open fire on the responding officers.

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According to the accompanying description, police learned after the fact that the suspect did not actually have a firearm, and was only wielding a pocket knife and a flashlight. However, when you look at the scene from the perspective of a police officer, is it really that clear?

Luckily, there was a K-9 unit nearby who took the suspect down for officers to move in and make the arrest, preventing an officer from having to pull the trigger, and having to live with someone’s death on their conscience for the rest of their life.

If the suspect had been black, and the officers opened fire, how many minutes do you think Black Lives Matter would have needed before they showed up in this neighborhood to march, loot stores, burn property, and assault police?

Watch the video below, but be forewarned, the volume jumps at around the (0:27) mark. Make sure your speakers are turned down.



Source: The Washington Post


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