[Poll] What Is The Biggest Danger Facing America Today?

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This poll is open to those living in America as well as our readers from around the globe. Let us know what you think is the biggest danger facing the United States right now:


ANTIFA: This radicalized Left-wing organization proclaims itself as being anti-fascist, but uses violence, destruction of property, and intimidation to silence those with differing opinions.

AntiFa FI

White Supremacists: This radicalized movement has gained notoriety during the Trump administration, not because of anything that Donald Trump is doing or saying, but because the Drive By Media is trying to associate white supremacists with Donald Trump.

White Supremacy

Black Lives Matter: This radicalized organization has focused on an anti-police narrative by decrying the death of any black male at the hands of a police officer as unjustified, while ignoring the tens of thousands of black people who are the victims of black on black crimes in America’s inner cities.

Black Lives Matter False Narrative

North Korea: This nation’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has made it clear that it is their national mission to obtain a nuclear arsenal that can compete with any nation in the world.

North Korea Bomb

Economic Bubble: Many doomsday predictors are claiming that the economy is improving too well and the Stock Market is rising too quickly. Their assessment is that we are “due” for another economic bubble that will be worse than the housing collapse of 2008. These speculations also include a warning about the trillions of dollars that were being printed and artificially inserted into the markets during the Obama era. This process was known as Quantitative Easing.

Obama Cash

Global Warming: The idea of man-caused global warming should be a running joke, at this point, but we’ll include it because there are still low-information Leftists who are unable or unwilling to question what their politicians and Drive By Media tells them.

Ice Expedition FI

Donald Trump: Also in the spirit of appeasing the Left, we’ll include the 45th president, Donald Trump. Democratic pundits have been telling the nation, for over a year, that Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. So far, the president has not launched.


Trump Serious

The Washington establishment: Most Americans will readily accept the fact that the nation’s capital is a swamp that needs to be cleaned out. Washington lobbyists, career politicians, and corrupt officials are just a sample of the explanation of why the federal government seems to continually act in a manner that is counter to the best interests of the people.


The Drive By Media: For years, the media has tried to present itself as objective, but since the election of Donald Trump, has cast off the facade and has openly embraced the Leftist movement. There’s little doubt that the media is biased after spending the majority of their efforts attacking Donald Trump from the number of scoops of ice cream he gets to the choice in shoes that his wife wears, and everything in between. There is almost nothing that the president could do that the Drive By Media could find something positive to say about.

CNN Can't Take The Heat

A Civil War: There is some fear about the United States delving into another Civil War, mainly due to the events prior to the Civil War repeating themselves. The Left refused to accept the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, after he was duly elected to office just as Leftists today are refusing to accept that Donald Trump is their president. After the election of Lincoln, efforts were made for South Carolina secession, just as California is trying to secede because of Trump’s election. In addition, the nation was divided, and Leftists were openly trying to murder President Lincoln just as Leftists today, including Leftist celebrities and Democratic politicians, are openly calling for the assassination of Donald Trump. The conclusion is that the atmosphere is ripe for a Civil War, and that the Left is unhinged and petulant enough to take the nation down that road.


ISIS: The terrorist organization that Barack Obama called amateurs and openly refused to acknowledge their religious extremism does not get much attention paid to them in the media these days. President Trump dropped the mother of all bombs on a terrorist tunnel system, and from there, it has been non-stop discussions of Russian collusion and white supremacy.


These are the choices you get to pick from. Let us know what you think the biggest threat to the United States is by taking the poll below:



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