Poll: Do You Care If President Trump Release His Taxes?

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Liberal activists across the country gathered to march in protest of the fact that President Donald Trump was choosing to not publicly release his personal tax filings.

To be clear, there is no law or requirement that forces a president to release their taxes, and previous presidents who have chosen to do so have made the choice voluntarily.

The question is, do you think the president should publicly release his taxes?

Those who are demanding that Trump make his tax filings public are claiming that it is a matter of public trust.

To them, being able to see how much the president paid in taxes is a great way to ensure that he is working for them.

Those who are against the president being forced to make his tax records public realize that the Left is bound to go over every line with a fine toothed comb, not to ensure that everything is done correctly, not to ensure that the president is working for them, but to find anything with which they can use as ammo to attack Trump.

Their motives, according to those who think the president should stand firm, are less about honesty and transparency, and more about attacking the Republican president.

President Trump has responded by asking who was financing the nationwide rallies that were demanding that he release his taxes, and pointed out that the presidential election was over.

Donald Trump Tweet Tax March

Where do you fall on this issue?

Should the 45th president be required to make his tax filings available for the public to peruse at their leisure, or is this merely an effort to dig up dirt to push another anti-Trump narrative?

Take the poll below:




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