[POLL]What Do You Blame As The Cause Of The Poor Ratings For The 2017 Emmys

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The day after it aired, the news surrounding the 69th Prime Time Emmys was that the ratings were abysmal, that they had cratered, and that the annual awards show had only garnered between 11 and 12 million viewers.

Depending on what your news source is, you might believe that the cause was one of a number of possibilities.

There are no wrong answers in this poll, as it is an opinion poll, but we will lay out a few explanations of the possibilities beforehand.


Possibility number one: The anti-Trump aspect of the show:

From the opening monologue of Stephen Colbert to the comedy bits and acceptance speeches that followed, the Emmys became a place for wall-to-wall bashing and insulting of the President of the United States.

At one point, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer even made a cameo-appearance to poke fun at President Trump.

Social media users were quick to point out that, by continuously insulting Donald Trump, Hollywood was essentially alienating half of the country’s voters who supported the billionaire businessman to be their president.


Possibility number two: Americans are no longer watching television.

This one is more of a statement of where we are in these modern times. Cable companies, across the board, are struggling to gain new viewers and retain the viewers that they already have.

Taking the place of the entertainment giants that offer 500 channels, when you only watch 6, are a smorgasbord of streaming services such as NetflixHulu, and Youtube.

Some have rationalized that, just as the automobile replaced the horse-and-buggy, online streaming services are changing the way that viewers watch their favorite shows.


Possibility number three: Sunday Night Football.

This year’s Emmys aired on a Sunday night and was in competition for viewers with the NFL.

The argument for this one is that viewers preferred watching a football game to a three-hour long event in which Hollywood elites pat each other on the backs and give each other awards.

Though viewership of the NFL has tanked as well, this is still added as a possibility.


Possibility number four: Americans are preferring the highlights to actually watching the entire show.

One final theory offers the idea that Americans would rather catch the highlights of the Emmys, in the days that follow, as opposed to sitting for multiple hours through the live version of the show. In doing so, they could skip what they did not want to see, and go directly to what they thought they did want to see.

We see this often during other annual events such as the Superbowl. Superbowl commercials, all through the 90’s and the early 2000’s, had people tuning in to catch the clever or funny commercials. These commercials then became conversation points at water coolers across the country the next day.

Now, however, people can watch the commercials beforehand, or go to their favorite streaming service to catch them. Some think this was the fate of this year’s Emmys.


What do you think? Which of these possibilities most likely explains why few people tuned into the Emmys this year?

Take the poll below:


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