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Robert Mugabe President Of Zimbabwe: “We Will Not Prosecute Killers Of White Farmers”

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According to the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, those who killed white commercial farmers during a government sanctioned land seizure that was aimed at redistributing the land belonging to white commercial farmers to the hands of Zimbabwe’s indigenous people.

Speaking to a gathering on the national holiday, Heroes’ Day, he said,

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask: Why we should arrest them?”

For a little bit of context, at the turn of the century, there were fewer than 2,000 tobacco farmers in Zimbabwe, with most of them being white.

Just fourteen years later, according to the New York Times, the number of tobacco farmers skyrocketed to more than 60,000, with the majority of farmers being black.

What changed?

The change came after Mugabe’s administration, in 2000, sanctioned a land grab, and repossessed commercial tobacco farms that had white owners.

Those who resisted having their land taken were simply killed.

Newsweek has reported that, in 2014, President Mugabe said,

“We say no to whites owning our land, and they should go.”

The president was speaking to his supporters.

“They can own companies and apartments…but not the soil.” 

The seized land was then turned over to non-whites and, according to critics, to friends of Mugabe.

Black farmers were given small plots of land with which they could grow tobacco to sell at auction.

The results of Zimbabwe’s land seizure has generated mixed results. It did not turn out to be an abysmal failure that some predicted when the land was handed over to people with no tobacco farming experience, but it was not a booming success either, as the amount of tobacco generated has not reached the level that it had been when the land was under the control of commercial farmers.

However, the problem in all of this is the human rights violations that occurred. In order to redistribute the land, Mugabe’s administration first had to forcibly seize private property from its owners, and this led to the murder of those who resisted.

Why is all of this relevant?

In America, there are those who are claiming that the United States is unfair and oppressive to people of a certain race or skin color.

This idea is often touted by celebrities who play pretend for a living and live in multi-million dollar, gated mansions. They use their entertainment platform to cry out about how unfair it is for certain races to make it in America and how oppressive the nation is.

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Then there are the multi-millionaire athletes who chase a ball for a living, who will throw a fist in the air or take a knee during the national anthem to protest the police-involved shootings of young black males as well as how unfair the United States is to minority communities.

Never mind the fact that these athletes are completely ignoring the black on black crimes in the inner cities that are resulting in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of young black males as well as the skyrocketing school drop-out rates and generational poverty and welfare that is contributing to inner city youths seeking a life of crime.

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Yet what these protesters and activists are missing is that there is real suffering in the world and there is real oppression.

It could be a case in which women have very little rights in countries that subscribe to a certain government-sanctioned theology, it could be an example where gays and lesbians are put to death for their preferences in sexual partners, it could be even be an instance, as mentioned about the Zimbabwe situation above, in which a government officially decrees that one race has more rights than another.

There are numerous places in which the people of a nation go through a daily struggle to obtain clean drinking water and food to eat.

The point is, for the most part, America is not an oppressive and unfair nation.

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People of any race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion can grow up and become anything that they want to be, as long as they themselves have the ability to do so. A person who is 3’5″ is likely not going to be playing in the NBA any time soon, but that has more to do with personal physical attributes and limitation rather than whether or not the nation is oppressive or not.

It’s not the natural resources that America has that makes it great, because those resources can be found all across the globe. It’s not the businesses or technology that makes America great because there are other nations with the same, and sometimes better, technology and business models. It’s not any particular race or religion that makes America great because every race and religion in the United States can be found all over the globe.

The thing that makes America exceptional, the thing that makes America the envy of the world, the thing that explains why there are millions of people, every day, dreaming about coming to the United States is the God-given freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

The reason why we say that they are God-given is because the government does not have the power to take these rights away. The only ones who can give up the rights laid out in the Bill of Rights is the people themselves.

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