Grandfather Of Dead Burglar Complains About Son Of Homeowner Using An AR-15 During Burglary

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The grandfather of one of three slain home invaders has spoken out about the supposed unfairness of the situation.

“What these three boys did was stupid,” 

Leroy Schumacher told KTUL.

“They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die.”

His grandson, 17-year-old Jacob Redfearn, broke into an Oklahoma home, according to authorities, with the intent to burglarize.

The youth was joined by two other teenagers, and reports indicate that the trio of burglars were dressed in black, all had masks and gloves, and were armed with brass knuckles and a knife.

However, when the three entered the dwelling, by breaking in the glass on the back door, they found themselves face to face with the 23-year-old son of the homeowner, wielding an AR-15.

After a brief exchange of words, the homeowner’s son opened fire on the criminals, leaving two dead on the kitchen floor. The third suspect was able to escape the residence, but succumbed to his wounds in the driveway.

With the full cooperation of the occupants of the house, the police determined that no charges were to be leveled at the son, with the situation determined to be self-defense.

Schumacher expressed outrage at the decision,

“Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life.”

Often times, with cases such as these, attempts are made to evoke sympathy for the plight of the criminal element, and to make the attacker into the victims.

Yet these three teens, no matter how innocent or good their family members try to make them to be, entered someone else’s home with the intent to steal and to possibly cause bodily harm.

A knife and brass knuckles may not seem like a fair fight against an AR-15, but they are still deadly weapons, and bringing them to the crime only reinforces the notion that the occupants of the home’s safety was at risk. Schumacher added,

“These boys’ families are going to suffer with this the rest of their lives, we have to live with this the rest of our lives.”

Imagine if these boys had actually hurt someone with their brass knuckles or their knife. The family of their victims would be suffering the same pain for the rest of their lives.

The simple solution, and this seems to be completely missed with some people, is to just refrain from breaking into peoples houses.

It might not seem glamorous to get a job and to earn a paycheck, but the chances of getting shot by an AR-15 while delivering newspapers, shucking corn, or even flipping burgers is a lot smaller than breaking into peoples homes, masked, and wielding deadly weapons.



Source: KTUL

Source: The Daily Caller

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