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Greta Gets Roasted With Hilarious Meme

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If you’ve been following current events, you are sure to have come across a 16-year-old environmental activist named Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg has taken time off of school and given up the activities that a typical teenager might enjoy in order to preach to other nations that they are destroying the world with their greenhouse emissions.

Recently, Thunberg was given the opportunity to speak at the United Nations about the upcoming global crisis and how she feels her childhood was stolen thanks, not to the adults who have been filling her head with the idea that the planet has a decade before it is burnt to a crisp, but to those who drive automobiles and fly in planes. The child sneered at the audience as she lectured the adults on their failures.

In response, a meme-smith called Carpe Donktum produced a meme that features Greta’s speech, put through an old-timey filter, and adding the audio from a certain infamous authoritarian fascist of the 20th century.

If you are not familiar with the term “meme,” it’s simply something that encapsulates a thought or idea.

Almost anything can become a meme and memes take many forms. Memes can be videos, pictures, or even phrases. “Learn to code” is a meme that took prominence when social media was Tweeting the phrase at journalists who were being laid off.

The idea came from news reports, around 2015, in which journalists were responding to coal miners being laid off. In a tone-deaf move, the journalist community began asking the questions in their pieces about how difficult it would be for coal miners to transition from coal mining into the tech industry where they could learn to code software.

You know, simply move your entire family from West Virginia to Silicon Valley and then jump right into an industry that you have likely never even thought about. Just a hop skip and a jump from coal mining to software development.

The idea was laughable and seen as a sort of a “let them eat cake” moment.

The people are hungry and don’t have any bread to eat? Why don’t they just eat cake instead?

The coal miners are losing their jobs? Well, why don’t they just pick up a computer and start programming. There’s good money in programming.

As a consequence, when journalists began getting laid off from their jobs, the learn to code phrase started to get directed at them. In other words, the meme was mocking the journalists for their insensitivity towards coal miners and basically saying, “How does it feel to be on the receiving end?” All of this is encapsulated in a meme that is three simple words: learn to code.

Carpe Donktum also added another meme of young Greta that included Greta sneering at the arrival of President Donald Trump with The Sound Of Silence playing in the background. Trump does not even give the young activist a glance and it seems like this upsets her:



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