HA! Barbra Streisand Blames Hillary’s Loss On Sexism In America

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Barbra Streisand has a theory about why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the former Secretary of State was dealing in classified secrets over an unsecured email server that the FBI determined may have endangered the security of the nation.

Nor does Streisand think that it has anything to do with the Wikileaks information dumps that demonstrate a clear and provable collusion between the Drive By Media and the Clinton Campaign.

It doesn’t even have to do with the fact that Hillary’s plans for the country were so weak that she mostly campaigned on encouraging voters to vote for her because she was a woman and because otherwise the American people would get Donald Trump.

Instead, iconic singer Barbra Streisand has settled on the conclusion that, obviously, Hillary Clinton lost her second presidential bid to a person with little to no political experience because the nation is sexist, and have a woman running the West Wing of the White House.

This according to an interview that she gave on WNYC’s the Leonard Lopate Show. She said that had been heartbroken when the Democratic Party candidate lost the race,

“…Power and woman has always been suspect. Strong women have always been suspect in this country.”

Prior to the election, iconic singer was one of more than 2 dozen celebrities who pledged to move out of the country if Donald Trump was elected president, with Streisand saying that she would go to Australia if they allowed her.

Just prior to Trump taking office, Streisand penned an op-ed piece in the Huffington Post in which she called the president-elect a dangerous, racist, xenophobic sexist. At one point, during her rant, Streisand turns to the “credible” Liberal source, Trever Noah, the host of a satirical comedy news show on Comedy Central.

Earlier this year, Streisand also sent out a Tweet in which she was blaming the 45th president for her weight gain.

Streisand Tweet

As if Trump was the one stuffing her mouth full of pancakes each morning.

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Source: The Huffington Post

Source: Breitbart

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