Hell Yes … ‘You Know You’re in Texas…’: Governor Abbott Posts Picture Of Open And Concealed Carry

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott, between cracking down on sanctuary cities and fighting the Left on their bathroom mandates, took a moment to upload a picture with the caption, “You know you’re in Texas when you see signs like this.”

The sign has an image of a firearm within a green circle, and below is printed,

“Lawful open and concealed carry is welcome here.

We refuse to be a disarmed victim zone. Help keep our town safe and crime free. Keep your weapon holstered unless the need arises.”


Conceal Carry Tweet


The governor’s Tweet was met with waves of approval from self-identified Texans, proclaiming that they were proud to have Abbott leading the state.

However, as always, there were also Leftists who commented on the post, claiming that such attitudes, promoting legal, concealed carry policies, would only turn the country into the Wild West.

If some on the Left are to be believed, by allowing the general population to legally own a gun, we should expect that everyone is going to be settling their differences with a pair of six shooters.

Overcharged at the grocery store? Dry cleaner lost your pants? Somebody stole your parking spot? It’s time to schedule a duel in front of the old clock tower on Main St.

By allowing the citizenry to bear arms, as the United States Constitution describes as a God-given right, somehow the nation is going to delve into a situation where the bullets never stop flying and danger is lurking around every corner.

This theory completely ignores the fact that the Wild West has actually been overly-exaggerated and romanticized from what is historically accurate.

Those who lived on the frontier survived through self-reliance, and were known as a hardy people. If they lost livestock to predators, if they broke a wagon axle, or if they experienced a drought, there was no safe-space to run to.

Instead, they persevered, and did what they needed to do to survive.

Those in towns were often subjected to strictly enforced gun-control laws in which residents were not allowed to carry weapons in public, and visitors were ordered to turn their weapons into the local authorities throughout the duration of their stay.

The Old West was generally not a land filled with duels at high noon, but was actually an era with a relatively low number of homicides and gun crimes.

What do you think about the Governor Abbott’s support of concealed carry laws and policies?


Source: Fox News

Source: Twitter


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