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High School Tells Student To Remove “God” And “Jesus” From Commencement Speech. This Is How She Responds.

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A Pennsylvania high-school graduate did not conform when her school told her that her prayer-based commencement speech was “unacceptable” and needed to be changed.

According to Faith WireMoriah Bridges submitted a draft of her upcoming commencement speech to school officials, in accordance with the governing rules.

The speech read:

“Please bow your heads for a closing word of prayer. Heavenly Father, thank you for your immeasurable blessings, for the opportunity to gather today and for the education we’re so blessed to have received here.

We thank you for the lives of everyone who has contributed to this moment: those of our parents for their unending love and support, of our coaches and mentors for the effort and guidance they’ve given us, and of our teachers for the lessons that they’ve taught us and the values that they’ve instilled in us.

Wherever our futures might lead us today, help us to find not only knowledge, but the spirit of wisdom and revelation. I pray that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened, that we would know the hope to which we have been called. I pray that every one of us would know truth and justice.

Lord, surround us with grace and favor everywhere we go. Soften our hearts to teach us love and compassion, to show mercy and grace to others the way that you showed mercy and grace to us, even to the ultimate sacrifice. Help us to love our brothers and our sisters deeply. Lead us to bless them. Make us selfless. Make us just. Make us successful people, but more than that, make us good people. Amen.”

However, young Moriah was told that the speech was “unacceptable” and went against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Superintendent Carrie Rowe responded to the community reaction to censor the commencement address at the high-school graduation by saying that she does not get to decide what laws they have to follow.

She released a public statement in which she said, in part,

“…The District could not approve a speech written as a prayer, but did approve a second version that she submitted.

As Superintendent, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States
and of this Commonwealth.

The District’s solicitor has advised us that the law clearly states that prayer is not permitted at graduation ceremonies, even if it is student-led.”

The schools efforts to silence prayer did not work, however, as the resourceful teen strayed from her prepared, submitted remarks to give the following speech:

“I’ve always been a rule follower. When they said not to chew gum, I didn’t chew gum. When they said not to use your cellphone, I didn’t use my cellphone.

But today, in the spirit of defying expectations, and for perhaps the last time at this podium, I say, ‘In the righteous name of Jesus Christ, Amen.'”

Moriah’s remarks resulted in an eruption of cheers from her fellow graduates.

Watch the clip below, and share this if you think this young woman showed courage for standing up for her principles and values against a system that tries to force kids to keep their religions and beliefs a secret.




Source: Conservative Tribune

Source: Faith Wire

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