A Reminder To Democrats Upset About Trump

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The line of succession is an interesting topic to learn about how the United States functions in any “what if…” situation, and is also a subject that a vast number of Americans are absolutely clueless about.

There may be many who would be able to guess that Vice-President Mike Pence would be the next to take over the reigns of government, should the unthinkable happen, and those who remember their 7th grade US History classes might recall that the next to follow would be the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

However, beyond that, many Americans may find themselves stumped at trying to figure out who is to take over, should something happen to the Speaker of the House.

This lesson was not lost on CNN, the network that, on two seperate occasions, defied the rules that govern time and space by airing a “live” interview with someone who was actually appearing live on another network.

Just prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump, CNN chose to take the opportunity to discuss how many people needed to be taken out of the picture before, specifically, a member of the Obama administration was designated as the president of the United States.

Because the Democrats in Congress were making it clear that they were going to obstruct any and all of Trump’s cabinet picks, CNN ran with a story about how many people would need to be killed in a cataclysmic event, or as they put it “a disaster,” to ensure that an Obama administration holdover is in charge.

CNN Succession Story

If the network were a little bit more honest, they might have replaced “Developing Now” to “Wishful Thinking.” CNN is a network that has done little to hide their hostility towards the 45th president.


CNN Succession Story Photoshop

The news report was widely criticized, and many accused the report of being an incitement of terrorist activities, by sort of telling extremists on the Left, “You still have one more chance at ensuring that there is not a Trump presidency…”

It’s sad to say, but there are actually members of the Left who are so unhinged and removed from reality that they need very little coaxing into acting out in violence when they don’t get their way.

Just look at the countless Democrats who screamed at the sky in protest on the one year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump. It’s clear to see that we are not dealing with people who are working with a full deck.

Other than wishing to be seen, what exactly are they hoping to accomplish?

You can watch CNN’s full pre-inauguration report about how many people need to be removed before a member of the Obama administration is appointed to be in charge below. Let us know whether you see it as inflammatory or informative:



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