Hilarious: Leaked 2024 Campaign Ad For Joe Biden

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Check out this ad for Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential run:


Yes, this is a parody video, uploaded by a Conservative YouTube account called “Don’t Walk, Run! Productions,” but the footage used within is all genuine. This is the actual Commander in Chief who is reported to have garnered more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history.

When it comes to the American president, it’s safe to say that the people want a president who exhibits strength and leadership. They are looking for competence. They are looking for someone who keeps America safe and someone who cares about the equal enforcement of American laws.

Can anybody claim, with a straight face, that the above description applies to Joseph Robinette Biden? Does anyone think that, when Joe is squinting at the teleprompter and mumbling incoherently, that Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots?

When the Communist Party of China hears that Joe Biden is fitting the American military with maternity uniforms and appointing a cross-dressing dog-fetishist with an alleged propensity of stealing people’s luggage as the head of a nuclear department that they feel any fear about going toe-to-toe with the military might of the United States?

Or how about when the nation’s enemies hear about Joe Biden stashing State secrets and classified documents in his garage. Do you think it’s possible that Joe Biden’s mishandling of top-secret information might be exploited?

All of these are important questions that need to be asked as the election cycle kicks off and Joe Biden’s handlers trot him out to ask for another term in office.

Image Source: YouTube Video Screengrab

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