Hilarious! Liberal Governor Says Guns Kill 93 MILLION Americans Each Day

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Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made the bold claim that 93 MILLION Americans a year die from gun violence.

If you are not that good at math, McAuliffe’s statement would equate to roughly the entire population of Plano, Texas being killed in gun violence each day. One would think that this would be big news if 250,000 people a day were dying from guns.

Before making his far-fetched claim, he said,

“We need to do more to protect all of our citizens. I have long advocated — this is not what today is about — but there are too many guns on the street.”

Obviously, and this should be stated early on, the Democratic governor was misspeaking, and hopefully realizes that just under a third of America’s entire population is not dying due to gun violence on an annual basis.

Politicians make mistakes like this all the time. In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama, for example, claimed that he had been to 57 states within the United States, and that he had just a couple more to go.

Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee once made a comment about the United States’ 400 year old Constitution, and also asked a question about the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on Mars.

However, while it’s always humorous to point out when Liberals and Progressives mess up, the real story is not about the mistake that he made, but instead about the point that Governor McAuliffe was trying to make.

The Democratic governor was asked about the 93 million number, and was given the opportunity to correct himself. He then said that he had meant 93 individuals a day were killed by gun violence.

If we were to take 93 victims a day, and look at that over the course of a year, we would come up with the conclusion that he is claiming that 33,945 people are killed by gun violence each year.

This is a dishonest claim that Liberals have been pushing in their efforts to pass “common-sense” gun control laws that would infringe upon the 2nd Amendment that clearly states that the amendment shall not be infringed upon.

In reality, of the 33,000 Americans that Democrats claim are killed each year due to “gun-violence,” roughly 2/3 are related to suicides, and not a result of a homicide or mass-shooting.

There is an average of 30 individuals killed each day in the United States due to gun-violence. This number takes into consideration the gang violence that runs rampant in cities where the Democrats have had absolute control for decades, and have been able to get through their “common-sense” gun control laws.

Chicago, for example, is one of the most heavily regulated cities in the nation, as far as guns are concerned, and yet gun violence seems to be a common occurrence.

Chicago Mayor and former Chief of Staff of the Obama administration, Rahm Emanuel, claimed that the increase in gun violence within the Windy City was not the fault of the city making it more difficult for legal gun ownership, but was instead the fault of surrounding cities and states that were making it too easy to purchase a gun.

The reality is, all joking about McAuliffe’s gaffe aside, gun violence is not as big a problem in the United States as the Left would have you believe, and “common sense” gun legislation that limits the Second Amendment would only guarantee that there would be an uptick in gun-violence. It happens every time it’s been tried.

Source: The Daily Caller

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