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Hilarious: A Man Named Jacob Asks The Lord For Financial Help

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This joke is very similar to another joke that has been going around for a while.

In that one, a man is in his home when it starts to rain. It rains so hard that the neighborhood begins to flood.

One of his neighbors comes by and asks him if he needs a ride out of the city because an evacuation order had been issued.

“No, thank you,” said the man. “God will provide.”

The water level started to rise and the man was forced to go to the second floor of his house.

A rescue team in a boat arrived, knocked on the window, and asked the man if he wanted a ride out of the flooded area.

“No, thank you,” said the man. “God will provide.”

Finally, the water rose so high that the man was forced onto his roof. A rescue chopper saw him, and lowered a rope ladder for him to climb to safety.

“No, thank you,” the man shouted up to the helicopter. “God will provide.”

Within an hour, the water level rose again and the man drowned.

When he reached the Pearly Gates, he saw Saint Peter there, and demanded, “What happened? Why didn’t God provide?”

St. Peter just shook his head. “Look fella, we sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want from us?”

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