Hilarious: Parody Video Of Socialism In Venezuela. “But They Promised Things Would Be Better Now?”

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This is too funny. I have watched this video 20 times and it’s hard to pick the funniest spots because the whole thing is hilarious. Maybe when he changes his protest sign from “Do you have a soul” before socialism is implemented to “Do you have toilet paper”.

But the below sequence is almost perfect.

“They promised things would all be better now. If pure equality was finally found. Now we’re all grocery shopping at the pound”

And also

“It’s failed miserably each time its tried. So trying again seemed wise”

Its amazing that liberals are promoting socialism right as socialism is literally imploding in Venezuela. On top of long history of abject failure.

(Oh just a reminder the nordic countries (sweden, denmark etc) are not socialist. They are capitalist market economies. When socialist have to point to capitalist countries when you ask for success stories you know that is a sign of severe desperation)

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