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Humor: Three Guys With Different Professions Board A Plane

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Plane 1


Plane 2


Plane 3


Plane 4


Plane 5


The above is a joke. This is why it’s labeled under Jokes / Humor.

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Jokes like the one above have been around for eons, and vary in the characters involved. Sometimes they poke a little bit of fun at people’s professions, as in the example above, and sometimes they are about specific characters.

When it is about specific characters, it’s usually one person being the butt of the joke with the others there to provide dialogue and/or conflict.

For example, the Pope, Hillary Clinton, and a Vladimir Putin are on an airplane that is going down.

The three of them are arguing over who gets the only two parachutes on the plane, with each of them making the case as to why they are too important to leave the world just yet.

After a few moments of arguing, Hillary Clinton grabs one of the two parachutes, cackling, and darts out of the side door.

Enraged at the selfishness of the former Secretary of State, Vladimir Putin begins launching a string of obscenities at the open door.

The Pope places his hand on Putin’s arm and says, “Relax, my son. There are still two parachutes left. That lady in the pantsuit just jumped out of the plane with my knapsack.”

Obviously, these jokes are not meant to be taken seriously, and are usually just meant to poke a little fun at somebody.

One of the key elements to making these jokes work, though, is to find somebody who is likely to be unliked by the listener.

Hillary Clinton is a prime candidate because, not only did those on the Right not care for her winning the White House, many of those on the Left claimed that they were having trouble pulling the lever for the Democratic Candidate.

Bill Clinton Meme

But it was not sexism or misogyny that cost Hillary Clinton the White House.

The former Secretary of State has been in Washington DC, in various high positions of power, for decades without having a much in terms of accomplishment that her supporters could point out, but with a string of scandals, lies, and unethical actions.


Liar Meme

Then there was the infamous cackling and screeching robot voice every time she gave a speech that turned people off.

Add to this the fact that many Americans think that she got away with breaking the law after Obama’s FBI launched an investigation into her secret email server, determined that she had broken the law, but then did not recommend a prosecution because they supposedly could not prove that she intended to break the law.

Hillary Clinton Meme

The memes against Hillary Clinton intensified during the 2016 election to the point that it almost became a let down when she finally lost because you knew that it likely signified the end of the poking fun at Hillary.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would have likely been a nightmare for the United States, but just imagine all the joke fodder that we missed out on when she resigned herself to a non-public office life.


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