Hundreds Arrested In Nationwide Sweep By US Immigration Agents

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President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise of getting rid of criminal illegal aliens by removing restrictions, and allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to do their job.

The results were staggering as hundreds of illegal aliens, with criminal histories and with pending deportation orders, were rounded up in a targeted five-day enforcement operation.

Because of this enforcement of American laws, the Left has seemingly lost its mind as it has tried to accuse the Trump administration of Gestapo-like policies, and declared that this is a sure sign of an out-of-control totalitarian government.

Independent Journal Review quoted Sarah Owings, an immigration attorney out of Atlanta,

“The muscle to do this kind of stuff is here — it’s just that the leash has been taken off. They’re out and they’re hunting. They’re picking up and rounding up anyone they can get.”

Let’s pause for a moment to reiterate that these raids were conducted on criminal illegal aliens with pending deportation orders.

What that means is that these are illegal aliens, who while they were illegally residing in the United States, took it upon themselves to commit even more crimes in their communities, and who already have pending orders of removal.

Yahoo! News quoted Walter Barrientos, a member of the nonprofit organization Make the Road New York,

“We cannot understate the level of panic and terror that is running through many immigrant communities.”

This is a common theme among the Left as well, that the enforcement of American laws should be suspended because of the fear that it puts into the hearts of illegal aliens.

Using this logic, we should not be hunting down bank-robbers, murderers, or rapists because of the panic and terror that it instills in other criminals.

Or that we should not be locking up identity thieves, carjackers, or former Secretary of States who endanger national security by transferring classified information over a secret server, lie about doing so, and use a sophisticated and expensive procedure known as bleach bit to erase the evidence, because we don’t want to seperate family members from each other.

One of the reasons millions of people are trying to immigrate to America is because they know that the country is a nation of laws. Unfortunately, the Left is trying to change that.

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