Idiot White Supremest Thug That Assaulted A Black Man And Black Lives Matter Supporters That Have Attacked White People Should All See The Harshest Possible Punishment

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An unprovoked attack based on skin color is wrong, repulsive and disgusting. In the last few months it has been rising. While the vast vast majority has been at the hands of leftist (which the mainstream news continues to ignore) that in no way justifies when it is committed by the extreme right.

All the thugs that have committed these crimes deserve the harshest punishments available.

There was the police shootings in Dallas followed by BLM supporters taunting police and looting a 7-11.

Then there was a white supremacist that stabbed a random black man (the wound is not life-threatening but that doesn’t mean his punishment should not be extremely severe). He didn’t even know the man he stabbed just like the BLM supporter who shot police in Dallas.

Then there is the constant violence at BLM protests targeted at white people.

Obviously the BLM supporter that shot the cops should receive the harshest penalty for murder. Then white supremacist that stabbed the black guy. Although the wound was not life threatening it still stands to reason he should at least be charged with attempted murder. And then the BLM supporters that attacked random white people. It should all be condemned and they are all guilty of hate crimes and they should all receive the harshest sentences possible under the law.

And while the BLM has been responsible for a greater quantity of violence it should all be punished and condemned.

In fact it would make sense to broaden hate crime laws. Currently only someone stupid enough to announce why they committed a crime can be convicted of a hate crime. It should be expanded to include any “Unprovoked Assault”. So anyone that attacks a random person should receive a sentence at least TWICE what it would be normally. That means if some drunk idiot punches someone in a club and then gets punched back is different than someone that random punches a grandmother in the back of the head for no reason.

And while the left has ignored at best and at worse justified violent assaults by leftists at Trump rallies we are on the right should condemn all violence and never gives “excuses” for those committing violence. Instead of “excuses” they should receive punishment and it should be harsh.

And while there has been more violence on the side of the left that doesn’t mean the punishment should be any less harsh for this white supremacist idiot. Any of these thugs, with whatever ideology, should never see the outside of a prison cell.

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