Why It’s Important To Remember That Trump Did Better With Minorities Than Romney

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Donald Trump’s presidency has been plagued by an establishment media complex that has been lobbing multiple accusations and labels at the 45th president, with the hopes that any or all of them would stick.

One of the more common attacks comes in the form of calling Donald Trump a white supremacist, and suggesting that he has little support among those in minority communities.

This attack clearly did not have any verifiable effect on alienating Trump from the Latino community as, according to exit poles, more Latinos turned out to vote for Trump in 2016 than did Mitt Romney in 2012.

According to Forbes, exit polling revealed that Donald Trump captured 29% of the Latino vote compared to the 27% that Mitt Romney is reported to have received four years earlier.

Skeptics of the numbers have claimed the exit polling data to be inaccurate, citing a potential language barrier among those surveyed. According to Latino Decisions, a polling firm that focuses on collecting data primarily from Latino communities, the exit polling data is flawed because some of those who were asked who they voted for were asked only in English.

Therefore, argues Latino Decisions, the data is not going to provide a full representation of the Latino community as it will exclude those who do not speak English.

The rebuttal to this, of course, is that the same method was used in 2012 during exit polling surveys. In theory, those who were unable to understand the questions in 2016 would be just as likely to have not understood the questions in 2012.

Latino Decisions also pointed out the fact that their pre-election polling data did not match up with the information gathered from the exit polls. This too can be explained because pre-election polling data, across the country, was largely inaccurate. Many of the largest polling institutions regularly gave Hillary Clinton a more than 90% chance of victory over Donald Trump, leading to the shocking defeat of the Democratic candidate after the American people actually cast their ballets.

Exit polling data, although not perfect, is theoretically going to be the most accurate. This is because exit polling surveys only those who are guaranteed to have participated in the election process rather than telephone surveys that gather information on those who say they are planning on voting in the future.

Yet Donald Trump’s victory did not just include a four year uptick in Latino community support for the Republican Party.

An additional 2% more of the Black population voted for Donald Trump than they did Mitt Romney and 3% more of the Asian population in America voted for the billionaire businessman than they did for the former Massachusetts governor.

Image Source: Forbes

Image Source: Forbes

In fact, one of the only demographics that seems to have had a smaller turnout for Trump, according to exit polling, is White people.

Trump garnered 1% less votes among White Americans than Mitt Romney in 2012.

All of this is to say that, although the establishment media is trying to paint a picture of Donald Trump being a hate-mongering white supremacists, the truth of the matter is that he is attracting more non-whites to his cause than Mitt Romney could in 2012.


Source: Forbes

Source: Five Thirty Eight

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