Incredible: Unarmed 22-Year-Old Stops Mass Shooter

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An amazing story out of Tennessee as a young man was able to stop a mass-shooting in progress, with no other weapons except his bare hands.

22-year-old Robert Engle was serving as an usher at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, in Antioch, when alleged gunman Emanuel Samson entered the church service, armed, and began opening fire on the gathered worshipers.

There were roughly 40 people in attendance.

The scene could have unfolded into a repeat of the 2015 church-shooting initiated by white-supremacist Dylan Roof, but for one man’s heroic efforts.

Engle, unarmed, confronted the gunman, and according to authorities, the two became engaged in a physical struggle.

The usher sustained head wounds from being pistol-whipped by the gunman, but Engel’s intervention ultimately lead to Samson being shot in the abdominal area.

Engle, a licensed firearm owner, immediately ran out to his vehicle and grabbed his firearm. He returned and held the suspect at gunpoint until the police could take him away.

Emanuel Samson

The motives for the suspected gunman are unclear, but the New York Daily News has suggested, based off of a 2015 social media post, that Samson was seeking “revenge” for the Charleston mass-shooting.

Before his social media page was taken down, and just prior to the attack, Samson posted several photos of himself along with the words, “Unrestricted, paroxysm.”

Emanuel Samson AI 2

Unfortunately, the attempted mass-shooter was not stopped before there were injuries.

One person, in the death of one and the wounding of six others.

However, thanks to the heroic efforts of Robert Engle, the loss of life an injuries were much less than they could have been.

When asked about people labeling him as a hero, Engle said,

“The real heroes are the police, first responders and medical staff and doctors who have helped me and everyone affected.”

Spread this around to show support for one young man’s heroic deeds.


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