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Iowa Passes Voter ID Law

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Bad news for Democrats as Iowa has become yet another state that is going to require voters to present identifications before they will be allowed to participate in the election process.

Governor Terry Branstad signed HF516 into law, a bill that overhauls the current voter requirements.

“Protecting the integrity of our election system is very important,” Branstad said at a public bill signing Friday. “And we’re very proud that Iowa has a tradition and history of doing so, and this is going to strengthen our ability and make it more effective and efficient.”

According to the Des Moines Resgister, the law will take full-effect during the gubernatorial races in June  of 2018, but in the mean time, poll workers start asking for identification in local races.

Prior to the new laws implementation, any who do not have their identification will not be turned away, but the idea is to give poll workers the chance to familiarize themselves with asking people for their identifications.

The state will also be providing free voter-identification cards to voters who do not already have personal identifications, eliminating another Democratic Party argument that voter ID laws disenfranchise the poor and people who do not have identifications.

In addition to revamping the voter requirements, the HF516 will also shorten the amount of time allowed for pre-voting from 40 days to 29 days.

This has been another highly contentious issue as the Left will argue that it is only fair that people be allowed to early vote so that they are not stuck in line for hours at a time on election day, waiting to cast their ballot.

However, as has been pointed out in previous elections, this also allows the possibility that voters are casting ballots before they are given all of the facts. The presidential election debates of 2016 did not even begin until the end of September.

This law ensures that Iowa is among the more than 30 other states that have passed legislation that ensures the integrity of the voting process.

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