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Joe Biden Gets Roasted By Cartoon

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Joe Biden FI

A cartoon created by Freedom Toons takes down former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden, and it does so in the simplest way possible.

The cartoon takes an actual portion of a Biden stump speech and animates the situation as he explains it.

You might not think that this sounds that bad. After all, telling life experience stories is a common tactic in any politician’s arsenal used to make the candidate seem more relatable to the average person or to advance an agenda item.

Barack Obama, for example, told stories about his New York girlfriend in his autobiography Dreams From My Father to demonstrate that the country was still very racist and white people just don’t understand ‘the struggle.’ When his New York girlfriend was asked about these alleged incidents, it was learned that, well, it wasn’t exactly her that Obama was talking about but instead a bunch of ex-girlfriends that he was making a composite out of.

Hillary Clinton is another politician that seems to like telling life stories to create a certain image of herself. During her first presidential run, in 2008, Clinton recounted a vivid experience in which she was running for cover as the snipers were gunning for her group during a 1996 plane landing in Bosnia. However, video evidence was quickly found of the incident. It showed that, not only was there no sniper fire, there was actually a ceremonial greeting featuring a little girl handing her flowers.

All this is to say that politicians like to tell stories.

Yet Joe Biden is a different kind of beast in that his stories are often times long-winded, confusing, and don’t seem to have a point.

Take a look at Freedom Toons’ take on Biden’s “Corn Pop story” and try to figure out what he was talking about or what point he was trying to make:

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