Joe Biden’s Bizarre Response To The Nashville Shooting

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When it comes to Joe Biden, you never know what you are going to get when he opens his mouth. Sometimes, you’ll get a long-winded story about Corn Pop and how he was a bad dude.

Sometimes, you’ll get creepy stories about how nurses did things to him that they don’t teach in medical school that increased his pulse rate.

Sometimes, you’ll just get Joe saying inappropriate things to little girls, remarking about how gorgeous the prepubescent children are.

Whatever version of Biden you get, it’s usually not as bizarre as his response to the Nashville school shooting.

During this shooting, a trans activist walked into a gun-free zone and began killing small children and staff members. The manifesto, left behind, indicated that the school was targeted for its Christianity.

One would think that the president of the United States would come out and begin with a statement of remorse. Perhaps he might say something like, “Today is a sad day in America and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.”

Instead, we got a doddering version of Joe Biden who gets the audience laughing as he recounts his name and the fact that he is married to Jill Biden.

He goes on to mention that he likes ice cream and that the only reason he arrived to give this statement was that he was promised he would be given ice cream.

Then, the appearance gets really awful as Joe Biden stopped his speech because he noticed a cluster of small children in the back of the room.

He had to pause to make comments about their appearance and had them stand up so he could get a better look.


Don’t worry, though, after going on about ice cream and the little kids in the room that he thinks are good looking, he finally remembered why he was there and gave his thoughts about the mass shooting.

81 million votes, folks.

You can check out the remarks below:

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