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Joke: A Son’s Strange Request

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Son 1


Son 2


Son 3


Son 4


Son 5


Son 6


Son 7


Son 8


Son 9


Son 10


Son 11


Son 12


Son 13


Son 14


Son 15


Son 16

The above is a joke. This is why it’s labeled under Jokes / Humor.

If you have information on the origins of this joke send it in to us.


Of all the jokes we have published, these types of jokes are the types that have generated the most mixed responses.

Just as a quick explanation, the above joke’s punchline is actually one of those that the joke is on the reader. That’s because there is no punchline. The reader is left scratching their heads wondering if they had missed something after investing a large amount of time and mental energy on the joke.

Usually, these jokes are fairly lengthy with the punchline being either non-existent or something not worth it. Some of the worst of these are 26 page jokes that end with a bad pun at the end.

Sometimes, these jokes are really tiny:

“Two polar bears are sitting in a bathtub, and one says, “Pass the salt.” The other polar bear says, “What do I look like, a flashlight?”

That one is a classic and feel free to tell a, but be sure to laugh as you are saying the last line. The listener is bound to start to laugh along with you as they try to figure out why the joke is funny, but because the joke is not funny to begin with, the joke is on the person who is laughing at something they don’t understand.”

We try to avoid these types of jokes as our inboxes are flooded with mail that ranges from “Oh, boy- you got me,” to “What in the ever-loving-God was that!? I hate you now with the intensity of a thousand white hot burning suns!” Since the purpose of a joke is to entertain we find that these types of jokes are more entertaining to those putting the jokes out there rather than the reader.

HOWEVER, because we liked the story that accompanied this one, we felt it would be all right to include this joke in our collection.

Whether this was the correct decision or not, we hope you enjoyed it and please do not fill our email inboxes with hate mail! We are aware of how bad the joke was, but we are also standing by it.



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