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Joke: The Sound Of Silence

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Silence 1


Silence 2




Silence 4


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Communication is an important aspect of humanity. No other creature on the planet can communicate in as many different ways as people.

We have the written, spoken, and signed word. There are multiple languages for each of our words. You could even sing the words to create an entirely new way of communication.

We have gestures that communicate our emotions, gestures that give commands, and gestures that we can use to tell people that we are unhappy with them.

Through art, we can communicate deep and profound messages, cause people to laugh, or in the case of Pablo Picasso, confuse others and leave them wondering if the painter needed glasses.

Even our bodies can do the communicating for us. A sigh, for example, can be an expression of contentment or it can communicate frustration when something unfortunate happens.

If you were allowed to communicate only two thoughts or ideas each day, would you be able do it?


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