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Judge Eviscerates Woman Celebrating Becoming A Single Mom

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Judge Lauren Lake, host of the popular reality television court show Paternity Court, had more than a few words to say about a mother who broke out into cheers after discovering that her little girl was going to be growing up without a father.

The case was Miller v. Rasmussen, and featured a mother of a 3-year-old little girl who was going to court to prove that her former boyfriend was not the biological father.

The Defendant, Scotty Rasmussen, was arguing that he was the father. He had been paying child support, driving 160 miles each way to visit the girl who he thought was his daughter, and had formed a bond with the child.

As the show goes, there is a big reveal in which the results of a paternity test are announced and, in this case, the mother discovers that her ex-boyfriend is not actually the 3-year-old’s father.

After hearing the news, she lets out an ecstatic cheer, as if she had just scored the game-winning last minute shot of a big sports event.

Keep in mind, the test just established that her little girl had just lost the man she had been calling “dad” for the last 3 years and the child support was about to be cut off which would potentially effect the household income.

If anything, the mother should be concerned about the well-being of her daughter.

Instead, as with any modern feminist, it’s all about “me.”

Judge Lauren Lake was having none of it, and issued a scathing rebuke.

Watch the clip below and see what you think:

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