Judge Shocks Baltimore Looter Who Set CVS On Fire

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Baltimore Rioter

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During the Baltimore riots, in which stores were looted and businesses were burned down, Democratic Mayor Stephanie publicly said that the city should be giving,

“Those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.”

After the immediate backlash that the mayor received, she seemed to change her tune, but her office claims that she was only clarifying her message.

“At the end of the day we are one Baltimore. We need to support peaceful demonstration and continue to enforce in our communities that rioting, violence, and looting will not be tolerated in our city.”

However, the damage had already been done, and the frustration among business owners who were watching their livelihoods being looted and burned down was palpable.

When the violent and destructive demonstrators disappeared back into the shadows, it seemed to some as though justice was never going be served.

That is until convictions began to be handed down to those who were involved in the riots. Since that time, at least four individuals have been found guilty in the court of law, stemming from crimes committed during the riots.

20-year-old Donta Betts is only the latest, and the Baltimore youth was sentenced to 15 years in prison without the ability for parole or early release.

Betts was believed to have been one of those who started several of the fires that raged throughout the Baltimore riots, threw rocks, destroyed police cars, and looted businesses, but he maintains that it was seemingly his right to commit these crimes,

“I did all this because that was my period to go wild on police.”

This type of mentality is foreign to the majority of Americans who recognize that, while there may be a few bad apples here and there among the police force, most of the men and women in Blue are just trying to protect and serve their communities and get home safely each night.

CBS Baltimore reports that US Attorney Rod Rosenstein called Betts a menace to society.

“Donta Betts was a menace to society here in Baltimore. The scope of the criminal activity he was involved in is really breathtaking.”

Investigators believe that more prosecutions are to going to be following as captured videos of the riots are reviewed, tips are followed up on, and eyewitnesses are questioned.

Some on the Left have tried to justify the Baltimore riots as a result of “police terrorism” rather than opportunists who were just looking for a scenario to act out.

These Leftists look at the fact that, statistically, there are a disproportionate number of minorities locked up in America’s prisons compared to their portion of the population.

However, simply look at what the Baltimore riots actually looked like:


Baltimore Riots 2

Does it really appear as though the demonstrators are exhibiting the actions of people who are terrified of the police?

H/T Independent Journal

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